Top 5 Tractor Brands *Best Tractors of 2022*

With the use of all over the world, groundbreaking tractors in agriculture have become much more powerful over time. The new generation tractors have become much more technologically equipped than previous tractor models. This, of course, is a situation that increases efficiency in every work done. For this reason, it is very advantageous to use new generation tractors for farmers. But for people who will change their tractors, the decision phase can be quite challenging. Because as the competition between tractor brands grows, the tractors are also better equipped. For this reason, people may have great difficulties in making a choice. We will guide you with the top 5 tractor brands to eliminate this indecision a little bit. If you are ready, let us start sharing the top 5 tractor brands and their prominent features with you.

John Deere Tractor

John Deere tractors are among the options of people who will buy them. That is because John Deere is the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery sold in more than 160 countries. John Deere is the founder of the brand. With the production of the self-cleaning plow in 1837, John Deere took the first step towards becoming a world brand. This plow is also the world’s first commercially successful agricultural implement. John Deere tractors are also the masterpiece of the giant John Deere brand, which today employs more than 55.000 people. These tractors, which are well equipped in every aspect, are a very logical choice for people who will buy tractors.

New Holland Tractor

New Holland is a brand that produces not only tractors, but also combine harvesters, sprayers, and many similar agricultural machineries. For this reason, New Holland is a brand that farmers are very familiar with. The brand, whose administrative center is in Italy, is among the leaders in the agricultural machinery sector with the tractors it produces. It is a very good choice for people with its well-equipped and powerful tractors in every respect. If people who are considering buying a tractor prefer New Holland tractors, they will not be unhappy with their choice. For this reason, we have added this brand to the top 5 tractor brands.

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Top 5 Tractor Brands *Best Tractors of 2022* Tractor News

Massey Ferguson

It would not be possible not to mention Massey Ferguson while making a compilation of the top 5 tractor brands for you. Massey Ferguson, which is among the giants of the world’s agricultural machinery manufacturers, is the first and constant choice for many people. The fact that Massey Ferguson brand tractors are produced only in red color gives these tractors a character. Although there are different brands that produce red tractors today, Massey Ferguson is the only brand that comes to mind when it comes to red tractors.


If the top 5 tractor brands are our main subject, a single brand from the Far East comes to mind. This is Kubota. Kubota, a Japanese brand, is one of the world brands among world agricultural machinery manufacturers. And it has a very large place in the industry. All parts of Kubota tractors are produced by the same company. This is quite surprising. In addition, the superior maneuverability and improved fuel level of Kubota tractors are attractive to many people.


Undoubtedly the best in the world in terms of motor vehicles, Germany is the homeland of a big brand of agricultural machinery. Fendt is among the top 5 tractor brands with the agricultural machinery it produces. Fendt tractors should be one of your first choices, providing drivers with a much easier drive with their horsepower and unladen weights. The fuel consumption rate is also at a level that will make the farmers happy. For example, the Fendt Vario 300 model consumes an average of 4.04 liters of fuel per hour. This is a very reasonable consumption level. For this reason, Fendt brand is a reasonable choice for those who will buy tractors.

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New Holland equipment is produced all over the world; The current administrative centers are in Turin, Italy. New Holland serves as the brand's North American headquarters in Pennsylvania and is the home of the world's largest haymaking facility.

Massey Ferguson was founded in 1847 by Daniel Massey as a manufacturer of agricultural tools and machinery, whose foundations were laid as a small simple farm equipment repair shop in Newcastle Ontario, Canada. With the merger of Massey-Harris partnership and British Harry Ferguson Limited in 1953, today's structure was formed. The most characteristic feature of Massey Ferguson tractors is that they are only red in color. Massey Ferguson is a brand of US company AGCO Corperation.

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