1998 New Holland 3930 for Sale Just $19,500 Discounted Price

New Holland 3930 for sale has many good features and is a good machine. If you are looking for a New Holland 3930 tractor for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find the exact model you are looking for. It is a late model with dual rear remotes and is in good running condition. It is ideal for someone who needs a large tractor to complete their farms. If you are considering buying this tractor, Please write your e-mail address under the subject. If you are looking for a New Holland tractor for sale, this is the cheapest and most perfect tractor. The font weights and dual rear remotes ensure ease of operation. It has left-hand reverse and is in very good running condition. Whether you need a tractor for a new project, or a tractor for a farmstead, this tractor is a great choice. It will be an excellent addition to your farm and a great investment for your future. With New Holland 3930, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that a New Holland offers, and you’ll be able to buy it with confidence. This is a great option if you are considering buying a tractor, or just need a good starter farm machine. Newholland 3930 is an excellent choice for a newer farmer, or you’re looking for a reliable and affordable tool to work with.

New Holland 3930 Specs

New Holland 3930 tractors for sale is a large, four-wheel-drive (4×4) tractor that was first produced in 1995. The engine of the Ford 3930 is a three-cylinder diesel with a displacement of 3.1 liters. The transmission is open and has an 8-gpm valve flow. The chassis is a two-wheel-drive with an option for a four-wheel drive. The transmission is an automatic with a 540rpm independent rear power take-off. It has a hydraulic system and a fuel tank that holds 16 gallons.

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1998 New Holland 3930 for Sale Just $19,500 Discounted Price New Holland

New Holland 3930 has three seats and a cab. The fuel tank is 65.5 liters (25.9 US gal.) and has two reverse gears. A telescoping steering column allows for easy maneuvering.

New Holland 3930 is a utility tractor that weighs 5,446 pounds. It comes equipped with a three-cylinder, diesel engine, and a category one three-point hitch. It also boasts a PTO of 45 hp, making it an ideal choice for small farms and contractors alike. The New Holland 3930 has power steering, a five-inch height adjustment, and a 3.1-liter capacity

3930 New Holland tractor for sale is a farm tractor that came from the Ford Company, which has been making tractors. Although Ford is best known for cars and trucks, the company also makes tractors.

Newholland 3930 was produced for twelve years, from 1990 to 2002. It comes equipped with a three-cylinder diesel engine and a 3.1-liter displacement. The engine produces 50 horsepower and is capable of driving up to 4,446 lbs.

3930 New Holland for sale is a popular utility tractor. It features a three-cylinder Ford diesel engine and is 2340 kilograms. This model is available with a variety of options for use. Its specs are important for both homeowners and farmers. If you need a tractor for farm work, you will find it in the Ford range. New Holland 3930 will meet all your needs

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