1997 New Holland 8770 For Sale $72,500

New Holland 8770 For Sale comes with many features and is offered at a reasonable price. If you are on this page for a new or used New Holland tractor, this compact 8770 is a good choice. All parts of this new holland tractor are original. All tractor parts are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. All OEM parts are guaranteed to work with the New Holland 8770. The quality of these parts is guaranteed to fit the original model of New and used tractors. Although it is very easy to maintain, I had all the maintenance of the tractor done at its ford workshop. Please write to comment under the post for additional information about the part of the tractor you need. This list of New and Used tractors is available for purchase online. The model is equipped with Aircondition and a Cab but is sold without front hydraulics and air brakes. Its features include SuperSteer front axle, R4 industrial tires, folding ROPS, 3-pt. hitch with top link, and a 2,000 RPM mid-PTO. It has been serviced and is in like-new condition. The tractor is equipped with a New Holland 8770 60-inch mid-mount mower deck.


New Holland 8770 Specs

1997 New Holland 8770 For Sale $72,500 New Holland

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New Holland 8770 is a four-wheel-drive tractor that was manufactured in 2002. Its engine produces 520 horsepower and is controlled by a standard joystick. Its top speed is 23 km/h. It has a maximum lift capacity of 5.5 tonnes and a wheelbase of 1245mm. The New Holland 8770 is a compact utility tractor. The tractor is similar to the John Deere 4960 but is equipped with a better engine and transmission. This model also features a two-speed transmission, which does not require a clutch. It also allows the user to select gears while in neutral.

New Holland 8770 Problems

Newholland 8770 includes white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, a high engine oil level, and a faulty ignition switch. If the engine is making loud clunking noises, the piston rings are probably in need of replacement. Changing the solenoids will fix the problem, but you will need to check the levels of the other fluids, like the gas or the oil. You can also try swapping solenoids.

8770 New Holland is white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe indicates that the piston rings need to be replaced immediately. The oil level should also be checked. If the engine oil level is high, it is necessary to change the solenoids. In case of a low oil level, the engine will not run. You must consult a mechanic about the problem and take action. If the problem persists, you should try the next solution. It’s better to replace the piston rings instead of repairing the car’s engine.

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